6 Trending Styles for West Village Real Estate

6 Trending Styles for West Village Real Estate

  • Andrew Azoulay
  • 10/13/22
Once the epicenter of the country’s bohemian scene, the West Village has undergone plenty of shifts in populace and architectural fashions. Nowadays, the West Village community offers a perfect blend of super-modern glass towers and 19th-century townhouses. Come along with us as we share a quick overview of what’s hot in Manhattan’s West Village, where the Avenue of the Americas meets Houston and 14th Street.

An at-a-glance introduction to “the Village”

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Over the years, the West Village has gone through quite a few changes regarding real estate trends. The area is home to cutting-edge glass towers, epitomizing Manhattan’s infatuation with staying ahead of the times. At the same time, local architectural preservation groups have successfully managed to retain the Village’s historical charm while the majority of Manhattan continues to grow into a more modern metropolis.

In the West Village, you can expect to see the following real estate trends at first glance:
  • A prohibition on waterfront highrises, ensuring residents near the Hudson will have an uncluttered view of the water

  • Recent downsizing of the neighborhood, meaning historical buildings are highly coveted and maintained

  • Quick access to local cafes, high-end boutiques, and dozens of bars and restaurants with long histories

  • Record closing prices for homes amid glassy storefronts and tech offices

  • Ultra-modern penthouses with some of Manhattan’s clearest views of the Hudson
Of course, West Village real estate isn’t easy to fit into one category. One of the area’s defining features is the sheer variety of architecture — suitable for the neighborhood’s diverse population. Now that we’ve covered what you can expect for homes for sale in the West Village, NYC, let’s get into the details.

1. Brownstones of All Varieties

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Perhaps the most iconic real estate in the area, the Village’s historic brownstones, can be located around Hudson Street. The legendary artists, musicians, and folk pioneers who first gave the West Village its early fame lived in these timeless multi-story brick buildings.

On the brownstone streets of the West Village, you can expect to find legendary haunts like the historic Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street and the White Horse Tavern, where luminaries like Dylan Thomas and Marianne Moore helped define 20th-century American art and music. Check out Westbeth, too, where a thriving artist’s community and café culture are still a daily part of life.

2. A Change of Pace From Uptown

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Greenspaces and beautiful tree-lined streets help make the real estate stylings of the West Village a unique experience. You can sense this right away in the more residential parts of the neighborhood. Some residents describe the architecture as “European,” and for good reason. Leafy avenues and a more comfortable, laid-back pace ensure that a Mediterranean feel is central to the Village’s character.

3. Booming Real Estate Market

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Despite the Village’s famous brownstone zones, significant investments in the area have swiftly changed the skyline and altered the business and residential areas. The High Line, which has reshaped the city’s landscape in just a few short years, is just one of the dramatic changes to the neighborhood. Real estate has become more modern, especially beside the Hudson River Park.

4. Rare but Prominent Examples of Modern Architecture

Preservation activists have indeed been restless when it comes to maintaining the area’s most charming buildings. Still, the West Village isn’t immune to the growing trend toward more modern architectural styles. 173 and 176 Perry Street is perhaps the best example.

Designed by Richard Meier, a legendary modern stylist, these buildings are located right beside the Westbeth artist community. Angular, glass-encased highrises predominate here, while neighboring Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, and the Hudson Yards Project offer even more options if a modern style is to your liking.

The Whitney Museum of Modern Art is another instance in the West Village of the outcropping of modern architecture in the area. The Meatpacking District, located north, adds to the neighborhood’s mixture of real estate styles. There are also a wealth of trendy boutiques, shops, and restaurants catering to the well-heeled — not to mention celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Liv Tyler.

5. A Perfect Blend of Prewar Charm and Cutting-edge Style

The West Village’s unique “off the grid” street layout — sometimes confusing visitors unfamiliar with 18th-century urban planning — is one of the best indicators that this district is special. Reusing historic buildings means new residents often seek extraordinary homes modeled on the quirky stylings of buildings like the Jefferson Market Library and the Abingdon Mansion.

Highrises and towers in the West Village may not be in the majority, but they certainly exert a strong attraction for lovers of a more au courant style. Entry-level studios and one-bedrooms are plentiful, and there’s no end to the types of floor plans available.

6. Views, Added Amenities, and Green Spaces

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Many modern buildings in the West Village feature private balconies with views of the Empire State Buildings and practically all of downtown. Roof decks with large green spaces and plantings are also all the rage in the West Village, so there’s always quick access to your own piece of nature in the heart of the city.

These cutting-edge metal and glass towers often have amenities like 24-hour doorkeepers and superintendents who maintain close personal relationships with residents. It’s an ideal mix of old-world charm and 21st-century chic in the West Village.

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