West Village

Chic and historic, this charming and sophisticated New York neighborhood is filled with renovated brownstones, amazing restaurants, and towering trees.

Welcome to West Village

Chic and historic, this charming and sophisticated New York neighborhood is filled with renovated brownstones, amazing restaurants, and towering trees

Nestled between Hudson Square and the Meatpacking district, along the shores of the Hudson River, lies one of Manhattan’s greatest gems. The West Village is known throughout the city as one of the most peaceful and quaint communities, with beautifully renovated brownstones lining the streets. Walking through this neighborhood can often feel like you’ve wandered into a movie set or a beautiful New York photo album. The picturesque scenery throughout the neighborhood is only one of the many advantages offered by this charming community!
While the area was originally used as farmland, it quickly developed into a thriving residential area. However, it wasn’t until the late 19th and early 20th centuries that the community really came into its own. Starting in 1916, the West Village became known as “Little Bohemia” due to the number of artists, galleries, performers, theatres, and avant-garde residents calling the area home. 
This laid-back, bohemian lifestyle is still very much prevalent in the neighborhood today. However, the charming lifestyle, European look, and ideal location have also made it one of the most attractive and affluent communities in the city.

What to Love

  • The artistic and creative atmosphere 
  • Laid Back yet vibrant lifestyle 
  • Numerous galleries, restaurants, and dining destinations 
  • Beautiful brownstones

People & Lifestyle

The West Village offers a lifestyle that can be difficult to find in larger cities. This quaint, charming community feels more like a small-town than a luxurious neighborhood in Manhattan. As a result, young professionals, successful artists, writers, and families are all attracted to the area, making it one of the more expensive communities in New York. Homes are almost always valued at well over $1 million, and the average annual household income is more than twice the national average. 
People living in the West Village enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around them. The neighborhood is almost never congested or overly crowded. Many residents find themselves spending quite a bit of their spare time reading or catching up with friends in any one of the several boutique coffee shops or lounges throughout town. Bookstores and cafes line the streets, and it’s easy to understand how writers like James Baldwin and Allen Ginsberg drew such great inspiration.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

The West Village has one of the most eclectic and exciting dining scenes in Manhattan, with award-winning restaurants and cozy cafes around every corner. Boucherie has been a staple of the West Village since it opened in 2016. Their traditional French menu includes favorites like escargot with butter and lemon, white veal sausage with apples, confit of duck leg with swiss chard, and a mouthwatering beef bourguignon that guests adore. 
Just a short, two-minute walk from the Whitney Museum is the historic Jane Hotel, home of the Old Rose Restaurant. This classic establishment serves some of the best local and seasonal, Italian-inspired cuisine around. Their menu includes savory ricotta toast with roasted tomatoes, seasonal lasagnas, and roasted bass with grilled artichoke. 
Ever since the 1930s, the country’s greatest Jazz musicians have played this one-of-a-kind spot, and today the Village Vanguard is still one of the hottest jazz clubs in the city. When residents are hoping to enjoy a classy and fun evening out, this is certainly the place to do it. 
The Stonewall Monument is a beautiful historic site dedicated to the Stonewall Riots and the LGBTQ civil rights movement. Not only is it a beautiful site to visit, but it’s a great way to connect with and learn from the past, with many New Yorkers understanding that looking back and embracing where we’ve been is the only way to move forward successfully.

Things to Do

In addition to the plethora of restaurants, cafes, and galleries throughout the West Village, there are also a number of activities and recreational opportunities for residents to enjoy throughout the year. The Friends apartment is definitely one of the most visited sites in town. Various walking tours head past this famous building, or you can always seek it out on your own if you’re looking for a more personal experience. 

Pier 45 and 46 offer exceptional views of the Hudson River with a variety of green spaces, shade structures, sitting areas, and even spray showers for when it gets a bit warm. Overseen by the Hudson River Park Trust, this area is one of the most pristine and well cared for in the West Village.
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